What makes Logix a great place to work?

Respect professionalism

Always keep a professional manner and respect the customers' country, culture, ability, and requirements.

Dare to think, dare to do

Stay committed to breakthroughs, constantly learning, and conquering new heights of technology and skills.

Stay curious & open-minded

Continually creativity to generate diverse values and bring benefits to customers.

Willing to share

Create long-term value and share it with the colleagues & community.

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Work Life at Logix Technology


Company Trip 2023 – Together Moving Forward

Company Trip 2023 has come to an end with a plethora of emotions and unforgettable memories after 4 days of excitement in Nha Trang – one of Vietnam’s coastal tourist paradises. Logix-ers had a liberating time, laughing freely and enjoying themselves to the fullest, while also showcasing the team culture

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